The Algonquin women’s volleyball team proved that they are no longer the league’s bottom feeders after a 5-1(need update after Friday) start to the season placed them second in their conference.

“We used to be viewed as the underdogs,” said fourth-year player Jamie Bullbrook. “Now people are realizing that we are much more than that.”

The team was able to win its Nov. 13 game against Seneca after two closely fought last sets.  They also won  their game against Centennial on Nov. 20(to confirm).

Coach Everton Senior said that in the past years they were still trying to find their identity as a team and that now, with many returning players, it has become much clearer.

“We still have things to work on,” said Senior.  “But we have made a lot of process in this past year.”

Victoria Waizmann, a third-year player, agrees with her coach and said she thinks the team is playing more in sync.

“We’re more comfortable with each other,” said Waizmann.  “We trust each other on the court a lot more.”

According to their coach, their communication on and off the court isn’t the only thing that has improved over the season.

“We’re playing very well defensively and our servicing is strong,” said Senior.  “We’re also keeping the ball in play and keeping it consistent.”

Although many aspects of their game have improved since the start of the season, Bullbrook says she knows there’s still work to do.

“We need to work on focusing on our strengths,” said Bullbrook.  “We need to stop hesitating and holding back.”