Algonquin defender Samantha Disipio avoids two oncoming Holland players late in their 9-0 victory.
Algonquin defender Samantha Disipio avoids two oncoming Holland players late in their 9-0 victory.


By Steven Smeall

SURREY – The Algonquin Thunder showed that they weren’t ready to give up after losing their chance at gold the day before, by beating Holland College by a dominate score of 9-0.

“We executed today,” said head coach Dom Oliveri. “We finished our chances which we didn’t do yesterday and the referee didn’t have an influence on the game today which definitely helped us out.”

Following their 1-0 loss against the Ahuntsic Indiennes on Wednesday, the Thunder turned their attention to a possible bronze medal finish at Nationals.

With a storm pouring down and the field’s power being out, the Thunder were left to play the game in poor visibility.

Algonquin did not let that worry them, as forward Jesa Rada opened the scoring for the Thunder in the 2nd minute of the game.

The Thunder stayed on the attack, knowing that Holland would be shaken up after the first goal.

Within the next 20 minutes Algonquin managed to take a 4-0 lead with two goals from forward Ginny Cass and another from forward Jaymie Baldree.

“I think my teammates just really know me,” said Cass. “We just connected really well today.”

In the 30th minute, midfielder Amy Savage was able to put her corner kick attempt in the back of the net, giving the Thunder a strong 5-0 lead.

Following the fifth goal of the game, Baldree collided with a Holland player and went down with an injury and left the game.

Algonquin controlled the rest of the first half, limiting Holland’s chances to even get in the Thunder’s zone.

Heading into the second half Algonquin kept up with the pressure, looking to make a statement.

The Holland defense seemed to be growing impatient with their lack of offense. Fouls were even becoming more frequent. A Holland hand ball in their own box gave the Thunder a penalty shot attempt.

Midfielder Julie Paul put the penalty shot in the back of the net effortlessly and sparked Algonquin’s offense once again.

Before the end of the game, the Thunder would see three more goals scored by forward Kwanzaa Robest-Prescod, forward Kandyce Whitehead, and defender Samantha Disipio.

Kelly Avalos was named player of the game for Algonquin.

“I think today everyone was player of the game,” said Avalos. “We stepped it up as a team so it was awesome.”

Algonquin showed with the dominate win that they were able to regroup and focus on continuing to perform in the tournament.

“We had a lot of good performances today,” said Oliveri.

The Thunder’s next game will be tomorrow at 3 p.m. PT.