By Alex Quevillon

One day after losing one of their star players late in the first half, the Thunder nearly lost another star on Thursday when midfielder Jaymie Baldree went down to injury.

In the 36th minute, Baldree stayed down for several moments before leaving the pitch favouring her right leg.

“She’s fine, we just took her out for precaution,” said head coach Dom Oliveri.  “There was no real reason to keep her in.  We decided to give her a rest.”

Baldree had scored just 13 minutes prior to open up a 4-0 lead over Holland.  They went on without their top scorer to take a 9-0 decision.

Oliveri expects Baldree, who scored 10 times in nine regular season games, to be back in the lineup tomorrow when they take on the loser of the late game between Marc Garneau and Northern Alberta.