By Erich Engert

After winning the past three championships, the Thunder women’s basketball team is on its way to the provincial championships in the hopes of claiming their fourth.

It started with George Brown, and then one-by-one the Thunder won against each team that came their way. The only team left in the way was the Loyalist Lancers who had lost to the Thunder once already.

Even in a game where there was little to no stress for the Thunder after already clinching a position in the provincial tournament, they still gave no quarter against the Loyalist Lancers and won 46-80.

“We played well but we could’ve played better,” said guard Jesa Rada. “I hope it’ll bring momentum into the provincials because we’ll need it. There’s going to be some tough competition and it’s anybody’s game.”

Emotions were running high throughout the game among the Thunder players as this would be the last season for some of them. However, to any that watched from the bleachers, it was clear that the women were not going to let their emotions get in the way of one final win before the provincials.

“The goal is to keep our winning streak going,” said forward Sandre Bascoe, one of the Thunder players that may be playing her final season.

With gold in their eyes, the Thunder step up the ladder to the next level in the competition and prepare for the challenges that await at the provincial championships.

“Monday’s practice, that’s what’s next,” said head coach John MacInnis. “The goal is to have a good productive season but we’re here to win so we’re looking at the Canadian championship.”

The women drive to Mohawk College in Hamilton for their first game of the championships on Feb. 27 and will face off against the winner of the qualifying showdown between Seneca and Fanshawe College.