By: Josh Wegman

Fitness and Wellness coordinator Wayne Boucher looks on as Mike Gavin, a powerline technician student at the college, lifts dumbbells at the Fitness Zone.

The assistance of a personal trainer at the gym could mean the difference between a severe injury and a successful workout.

That’s the opinion of powerline technician student Mike Gavin, 19, who adopted a workout lifestyle since high school.

“I would highly recommend hiring a personal trainer if you’re just starting out at the gym; with such a wide variety of machines it can be really hard to pick out a routine.”

But Gavin isn’t the only advocate of personal trainers.

“Our goal is to create an environment for student success,” said Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Wayne Boucher.  “The Algonquin SA has encouraged us to help all students at the Fitness Zone.”

Boucher, a former police foundations student at Algonquin, has now been a personal trainer for 11 years.

“It really is a rewarding job,” said Boucher.  “It’s a good feeling knowing you’re helping people out and impacting their life.”

The SA has always encouraged Boucher and the rest of the personal trainers to upgrade their repertoires in order to better educate the students.  Boucher himself has certifications in Mixed Martial Arts and kickboxing.

No matter what he is teaching, the goal remains the same to Boucher: “Prevent injuries and optimize performance.”

“Communication is the most important factor in reaching these goals,” said Boucher.  “You can have all the knowledge in the world but if they don’t understand what you’re teaching it’s pointless.”

Cory Martin, 32, a construction engineering student, agrees.

“The personal trainers here are so helpful,” said Martin.  “It seems like they always have an answer for my questions.

“I plan on coming back even after my education is finished; the only thing I don’t like about it is the stairs after a hard leg work out.”