By Steven Smeall

Steven Smeall Photo
Algonquin Thunder first-year defender Breanna Humphreys, pictured in a previous game, was suspended one game for an incident in the 41st minute.


The Algonquin Thunder will have to play their next game without the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association provincial championship MVP.

Defender Breanna Humphreys was assessed a red card after tackling an opponent down in the 41st minute of the game against Collége Ahunstic.

The confrontation began when an Ahunstic player held Humphreys down after a battle for the ball. Humphreys retaliated and was assessed the card.

The Ahunstic player did not get any card on the play.

The referee appeared to be very confused after the play, taking a few moments before deciding on what to do.

“The ref didn’t say anything to me before,” said Humphreys. “She said after that there was no need for that but she seemed pretty confused on what to do.”

“It seemed like the other team’s coach decided for her because she was confused and he was yelling at her, so she just whipped out the card.”

It was hard not to hear the outcry on the Algonquin players and coaches, who believed that the red card was uncalled for.

“Just a really poor decision on the red card,” said head coach Dom Oliveri. “Considering the other player had her in a headlock, I’m not sure how that came about.”

Humphreys will have to sit out tomorrow’s game against Holland College but will be able to return for the third game.