By: Josh Wegman

Mahriah Setosta, a culinary student, spoke very highly of the competition level in intramural sports at Algonquin.

Intramural volleyball, basketball and floor hockey in the gym, and soccer and touch football in the dome, are underway.

Algonquin has provided intramural sports since the college opened in 1967.  It’s a tradition now.

“It was a blast,” said Mahriah Setosta, a culinary student, whose last semester intramural soccer team, The Gunners, went all the way to the finals.  “The league itself was actually really well organized.”

Setosta, who has played soccer her whole life, said “the league was also more competitive than I expected.”

Along with the weekly intramural sports, an ice hockey tournament for March 1 has been organized.

“I would love to see ice hockey as a regular weekly sport,” said Campus Recreation Coordinator Rhonda Giguere.  “It’s just too hard to get ice time booked on a regular basis.”

Led by Giguere, the campus recreation staff is always looking for ways to improve intramural sports.

“We’re always looking for more facility availability, that’s the biggest problem,” said Giguere.  “It would be great if we could get another gym, or maybe even one day, our very own arena.”