Continuing the trend of their 15-1 record the Algonquin women’s basketball team tore into the Sheridan Bruins on Feb. 28.

A discouraged Sheridan bench had no chance of keeping up in the second half and the champs pulled away, yet again.

The Thunder have a reputation of a giant among ants and few, if any, can match their dominance, and it’s evident at this point who holds the power in the league – the same team who’s held it for the past five years.

Now, I’m sure everyone would like to appear modest, especially the squad themselves.

However, regular season wins with score gaps nearing the 80s have left the impression that other teams simply can’t match the skill level of Algonquin.

Where is the competition?

I’ll tell you where it’s not. And that’d be in the East Division for women’s basketball.

Despite a loss to St. Lawrence College, Algonquin swept the league, for the fifth straight year.

The road to Toronto lies ahead. And as much as I’d like to be a respecting sports fan, I can’t help but believe that the triumph will continue.

If Algonquin faces the same, poor level of opposition at provincials, they might as well be handed the trophy now.