Jay Springs, forward, looks to pass out the ball in the first quarter of play. Photo credit: Tyrell James

The Thunder struck down the Georgian Grizzlies on Nov. 23, with an excellent display of scoring in the fourth quarter, winning 73-64 at home.

Daoud Soukary led the team in scoring with 19 points and helped move the Thunder to a four-game win streak and still hold third place in the east division with a record of 5-2.

Both teams had nearly the same field goal percentage with Algonquin shooting 38.2 per cent from the field and Georgian shooting 40.3 per cent. Algonquin slightly edged out Georgian in three-point shooting with 29.6 per cent from the arc compared to the Grizzlies’ 20 per cent.

The Thunder got up for more rebounds, grabbing 51 compared to Georgians 38 and also had fewer turnovers with 19 compared to 22.

The fourth quarter saw Algonquin make a strong push, outscoring Georgian by nine points, scoring 22 points to seal the win.

The third quarter was much of the same as the previous two quarters, with both teams being tied up 51-51. For most of the match-up the game was back and forth action, trading shots, keeping the score within a two point difference.

Before halftime Algonquin was down by a single point with the end of the second quarter.

“This is not what we’re looking for in the first half, we’ll try to regroup and see what we can get in the second half,” said Coach Trevor Costello

The team was able to come out stronger in the second half to secure the win by outscoring the Grizzlies in both the third and fourth quarter respectively and having a total of 40 points in the half compared to the away team’s 30.

The Algonquin Thunder are set to face-off against the Seneca Sting on Friday, Nov. 30 at 8 p.m. at Seneca College in Toronto.