By: Emily Hutton

When going out drinking the first thing that usually crosses your mind is to get drunk and have a good time with your buds.

But why do you need to get drunk?

Is it really that difficult to have fun and drink responsibly? Is it absolutely necessary to be so belligerent to the point where nobody wants to be around you and your whole night is ruined?

No, it’s not worth it. Ontario’s Ministry of Health has done research that shows young adults are more at risk than mature adults of long-term brain damage due to the fact that their brains are still developing.

Now don’t get me wrong: everyone is entitled to and will have a crazy night where they are sitting in the bathtub the next morning wondering what happened and why they look like they died in the middle of the night. But not every weekend of every month.

Even though illicit drug-use has been declining over the years, the Ministry of Heath has found that alcohol consumption has been holding strong and increasing in young adults aged 15 to 25. Some have started drinking as young as 13. That is just absolutely ridiculous.

What I see way too often while at the bar is the loud-mouthed drunk who clearly can’t tell he is ruining everyone’s night. The only thing you’re going to do is either get yourself kicked out or arrested. No business wants to be responsible for someone who can’t be a civilized human being. It goes for the female population as well: neither your friends nor anyone else want to be responsible for you and your actions when you get too drunk.

If you get angry when you drink you shouldn’t drink at all. You’re just risking becoming a hazard to yourself and everyone around you. If you can’t keep calm and respectful then simply don’t drink.

When I was at a friend’s house party there was this one individual who was so drunk he couldn’t keep his head up, let alone stand. Every time he turned around his arms would flail out in a circle around him and anything that was in his hands at the moment went flying. The amount of broken glass that was scattered on the floor was ridiculous.
When you get sick from drinking too much that is the beginning of alcohol poisoning and your body is purging itself of what is poisoning it. That’s a fun fact I bet not many people knew.

When drinking to have fun, you’re putting yourself at risk of having future drinking problems. If you drink to have fun you risk becoming dependent on it. That is where drinking problems thrive: when an individual becomes dependent on alcohol for some reason or another. You don’t need to be depressed or have personal issues to have drinking problems.

I’ve known plenty of people from high school who have already been to rehab twice and while under the age of 20, because they became dependent on alcohol to have a good time. It’s a serious problem that isn’t thought about enough by partiers.

When drinking, it should be in your best interest to keep yourself coherent and drink responsibly, not just for everyone that is around you, but for yourself too. I’ve heard of people doing face plants into pavement and tearing half their face open. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Under no circumstance should you ever try to drive drunk. That is by far the most irresponsible decision you could make as an adult. Just because people twice your age do it does not make it okay for you to.

If you’re having a party on the weekend, remember that you are responsible for the people who are drinking in your house. If they cause a scene or bother your neighbours, it’s your problem when the police show up.

Also respect your neighbours and save yourself the by-law visit. Place a typed letter on your neighbours’ doors stating that you’re having a party. Include the date, the time and let them know that if they receive any problems from your guests or there is too much noise to come and let you know and you will handle it.