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You in the queue? Me too

My time is valuable. I don’t waste it.

One day last semester, the registrar’s office stole a huge portion of that time.

Months later and I’m still angered and wondering why.

Walking into the office that day was already a chore: the inevitable line up and rush of people, I thought I had mentally prepared for it all.

After printing the ticket with my case number on it and gazing up at the television screen, an eager employee rushed over to ask what I needed help with. A simple sheet of 8×11 paper I told her, with Algonquin College’s letterhead printed on it.

Nothing she was able to assist me with of course.

So, in the queue my ticket went, and the wait began.

When we pay institutions the fees that we do, wouldn’t you expect adequate service to go alongside that?

I don’t believe it’s asking too much to wait a maximum of 20 minutes in the administration office, truly the most important place to maintain organization and steady flow within the college.

Part of the fees we pay must allot for convenience, right?

Yet it was over an hour before my number appeared on screen.

I could feel the heat in my face as my cheeks flushed with irritation.

As I continued to wait, I did my best to work the out the so-called system they had in place.

As far as I can tell, you pick a number and wait.

My simple print job somehow ended up in a pool with everyone else’s qualms, and we all waited patiently to be snatched like fish.

The problems ranged from: dropping, enrolling and transferring programs as well as financial aid issues — all things that should take longer than my one task. Yet there was no way of properly weeding out who needed what. Thus making everyone wait a prolonged and unknown amount of time.

Not such an efficient system.

At this point the rage I felt staring at the screen was red hot.

Yet I continued to wait, and wait.

Two hours and 47 minutes later, and it’s my turn.

In a matter of three minutes we exchange a few words, the clerk hits a few keys on the keyboard, two clicks of the mouse and the printer starts up.

Nearly three hours of my life gone, I’m still bitter and wondering why.

My time is valuable, and I don’t waste it.


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