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Trash TV tastes sweet

I’m curled up in my bed and I press play on another next episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter. I’ve been at this for four hours.

Although I struggle to keep my eyes open, I can’t stop watching a bunch of Hawaiian men with extensions who own a bail bonds business go out breaking down doors and fences while arresting criminals on the run. But why? What is it about watching someone else’s life unfolding on my screen that makes me destress and relax?

For me it’s stepping outside my life, forgetting about what I have to do and all my responsibilities for a few hours. Let’s be honest, we all have that small part of ourselves that likes to sit at home in the darkness and silently judge other people and how they live their lives.

Reality TV is also great for bringing people together. I got my eyebrows done the other day, my esthetician and I bonded over “trash television.” There’s nothing like talking about how someone got a brand-new Ferrari from their boyfriend as a gift for having a baby.

No matter what walk of life you choose to as your career we all have social media and we all see the numerous pop culture posts on our Facebook feeds. No matter where you turn trash TV is everywhere.

It only makes sense to embrace it.

Is there more educational sort of TV I could be watching? Of course, but where’s the fun in that? Why fill my head with things that could actually help me in life when I can just watch other people’s lives for my pure entertainment.


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