So I’m having a problem.

Why is it that everything we do about stress is done after the fact? Everything serves to help us reduce stress after it hits us. Nothing we do is based on reducing incoming stress and helping us cope with it right out of the gate.

In my case, I recently went through a few breakdowns that got the attention of my parents. Now, I somehow feel pressured to get my life back on track and “fix” myself. There’s no real simple solution here.

Now this isn’t me saying “oh just don’t get stressed it should be fine, don’t worry about it.” I understand that it is inevitable and that it will always be around. My point is, there has got to be ways to reduce incoming stress so it doesn’t hit you like a garbage truck.

Reading week, as a popular example, is a week off that we get where we are meant to relax, but who really can? There’s always something to worry about in college and that fact will never go away.

There are a lot of these coping mechanisms in the college; from Paws for Stress to the Purple Couch. Everyone understands that stress is a serious issue by now right?

So why not think of ways to stop it before it gets to the point that you absolutely need help? If stress is really understood as the problem we all know it is then why don’t we dedicate more to figuring out how to address it as it happens?

I’m seeing steady improvement, but so many students aren’t as lucky.

A 2016 study showed an eight per cent drop since 2013 in students perceiving themselves to be in good mental health, with four per cent more saying they feel increased anxiety, depression and stress.

There are very limited times when anyone is actually relaxed, we may be free of worry for little bits here and there but it doesn’t last, does it?

If there was just something to do or something we can work out to prevent some stress rather than to manage it then I feel people would be at least the slightest bit happier.

Looking up stress reduction tips you get the normal “get a good night’s sleep,” and “good nutrition, and exercise are your friends” but that isn’t really feasible in the moment, is it?

Now I’m no expert, so I don’t know what to do either, but there are people smarter than me that should be able to figure this out. If there are any ideas – please, please, please let me – and everyone else – know.