Dating apps can have perks sometimes.

There is a stigma surrounding meeting your partner on a place like Plenty Of Fish or eHarmony. That seems unfair, because the connotations that exist behind Tinder would imply another level of debauchery.

People seem to have no problem showing their Tinder matches at a dinner party, but anything else comes with the stigma.

As a user of Tinder, I am quite aware of the common thought that demonizes the app and statistical data that suggests we are losing touch with our socialization in this age of the techno-sexual revolution.

For one, the arguments against it are strong but fail to highlight what good the app can do for those of us who aren’t necessarily looking for anything serious. No hook-ups, but just casual conversation and potential interaction.

For myself, interacting with strangers comes as a second nature, but for those who are either socially awkward or not bad at meeting people in person, it isn’t as easy. Tinder introduces a platform where people can not be as stressed and face the anxiety of speaking to an individual they may be interested in, without experiencing any form of fright.

In my opinion, the app is effective in terms of what you are looking for. There are cases where individuals are looking for validation about themselves. That can be construed as selfish because other people may be taking the app seriously, but anyone who has used tinder knows that this is not an app to be taken seriously. Or perhaps you are in search of conversation at the moment, which tinder can also offer. It ultimately depends on what you are seeking.

The purpose of Tinder is to show you as many people as possible, like a super 8 slide carousel that flashes you person after person — that is until someone sticks. It may not work out, but an opportunity is an opportunity, no matter how you’d like to look at it.

Regardless, we live dependent on our own perceptions. One person’s reality could be another’s delusion. What Is normal to the spider, is chaos to the fly. That being said we all have our own ideas and perceptions.

Whether you think this app is good or bad is not my concern, but remember your perspective is one of many that exist in our society. Bad or good, you can’t be the judge.