By Natasha Kellar

Butts, so many butts everywhere! It’s disgusting, and it stinks. The bylaw keeping smokers at least 15 metres away from any entrance poses an issue in regards to litter on campus.

Everywhere you go on campus you see them lined along the entrance, cigarette filters scattered on the ground all over the place.

Why are we okay with this?

There are designated smoking areas where we have access to cigarette filter disposals, but they can only accommodate so many people, and when you’re rushing in between classes the last thing on your mind is to find a shelter and smoke there.

Perhaps instead of throwing the trash on the ground we could put it out and toss it in the garbage bins?

If smokers were instead soda drinkers and they tossed their empty cans all over campus nobody would allow that to continue, so what’s the difference with cigarette garbage.

It may be small trash, but it’s not a small problem.

Let’s respect our campus and keep it clean. I think if students and the college banned together we could come up with a solution.

It has to be costing a lot of money to have the mess cleaned up, since it takes over 50 years for cigarette filters to decompose they aren’t going anywhere on their own.

The responsibility is ours, and I know I don’t like the mess.