At my old fast food job I was voted the weirdest person, even more than the old Filipino man on grill that spanked all of the other guys in the kitchen.

I completely disagree, that guy was way worse than me. I think I’m just honest about the things that I like.

For example, my favourite show is about lesbian aliens that protect Earth with their magical powers of magic called Steven Universe.

And my favourite manga is Princess Jellyfish, which is about a girl obsessed with jellyfish that has a romance with a guy who cross-dresses to get out of politics. They also start a clothing line together because why the hell not?

I honestly think that those are great plots.

So I collect Pokémon games, eat a lot of potato salad and wear my mom’s clothes so I can save money to spend on more Pokémon games.

And, I might be in love with 10 different anime characters.

My dream is to be a comedian some day and being a weirdo will definitely help. You’ve seen stand-up comedians – they’re freaks!

Some people are pretty boring, but those that aren’t should not be scared of being judged by people who can’t even pretend to have a personality.

When I turned 18, I became a real person and from then on I decided to always be myself. I’ve been happy ever since.

It seems like people are too worried about going against the norm or showing that they have any flaws. But in reality your quirks and faults make you who you are.