Lauren Khalil
Lauren Khalil

By Lauren Khalil

1620770_10153712292440394_1760590339_nAt the onset of every semester, students take on the burden of a general elective course. For every student who thinks they’re great, another thinks they suck.  Personally, I like them.

For some, general electives are an added inconvenience in their busy schedules, distracting them from what they came to learn.  I happen to think this is a mindset for the lazy.

General electives are an essential component of the college experience.  It is important to keep in mind that we came to college to learn and grow.  In the end, no knowledge will be useless; it will only contribute to a diversified mind.  These classes have the ability to build character, and force individuals into the unknown.

They are a great opportunity to step outside of the monotony of regular course requirements.  Whether it’s wine tasting, pop culture, or the copious other options, a change of landscape can ignite new passions and interests.

Gen-eds are a lot more than an easy A.  They are time well spent, and can be credited for shouting out the right answer on Jeopardy, or creating a conversation topic during an awkward first date.

In my case, Women, Men and Society was an elective I really enjoyed in university.  It opened my eyes to how gendered our society is and how evident social gender differences are from the day we’re born.

Not everybody may appreciate learning about that particular topic, but individuals are able to choose their own electives.  I refuse to believe that a single student does not have interests outside their studies, putting any dissatisfaction of electives in the hands of the students themselves.