By Dan Taccone




January 1st marks a period of strife for my fellow gym rats. In come the newbies, out goes the space and available equipment.

Talk in the weight room among the regulars stays pretty constant, with many waiting for the newcomers to give up on their resolutions, and leave the gym to return to the relative peace and quiet it once enjoyed.

I’ve been in the gym for the last 4 years, lifting at least 4 times a week. I’m not an expert, but I have enough experience to know that no one likes having their comfort zone infringed upon by outsiders.

But let’s not forget, we were all once in the same place. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t bemoan the fact that others are taking up the equipment, or making you wait. Don’t make your exasperation known when you see a newly-initiated member struggle through his or her workout.

Be encouraging.

Even if you don’t want to admit it, they’re working just as hard, if not harder than you.

They’re taking up a new lifestyle. It isn’t easy. The gym can be intimidating. And it doesn’t become any easier when the general attitude of the gym is unwelcoming.

Rookies, the odds are against you. Many of you won’t stay. Fight through it. Stick it out.

Just don’t curl in the squat rack.