My dog and I are the same weight.

When he lays at the foot of my bed, it’s actually half of the bed. When he tries to chase a squirrel on a walk, I have to run with him if I don’t want to lose my arm. When he begs for food, his face is eye level with the food on the table.

But, in my opinion, a big dog is the best kind of dog, and they’re the ones that need the most love.

Baron was a three-month-old puppy in a cardboard box on the side of the road when the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found him. Since he’s a mutt who’s mostly husky/German shepherd/mastiff, it’s believed that the original owner realized that Baron was going to grow large and abandoned him.

There has always been a stigma around large dogs. They eat a lot more food, they need a lot more exercise, they seem to be a lot more to deal with. This general impression is the reason hundreds of large dogs end up at the OSPCA without homes.

My dog Baron has now had a home for over three years. He’s about three feet tall on all fours and five feet standing up. His black and grey fur makes him look like a small black bear.

Despite his intimidating looks, he’s the calmest dog in the world.

I’m never afraid of tripping over him, he doesn’t have a yappy bark and I know no one will be dumb enough to break into a house with a huge dog guarding the front door.

No offence to small dogs, but big dogs are an awesome pet to have and they, like all pets, deserve a good family to go home to.