There are many services, clubs and places to eat all over the Algonquin campus.

By Breanna Adams

There are many services, clubs and places to eat all over the Algonquin campus.
There are many services, clubs and places to eat all over the Algonquin campus.

The new school year has arrived whether students are ready or not. This month may have come as a shock to first year students who may not know their way around Algonquin or exactly what the college has to offer.

The 2014-2015 term has many things available to both aid and entertain new and returning students during the next few months, from discounted concerts to how to receive a cheque in the mail.

The college that’s built just for you:

Over the summer months the college underwent construction to help the school look better and be more efficient to the students.

“It’s great to see that some of the older buildings are being renovated to offer more programs for the college,” said Brent Brownlee, the director of Ancillary Services. “We try to deliver the best student experience we can.”

The bus stop around the corner from Student Commons has been fully renovated to ensure that students have a safe and comfortable place to wait for the OC Transpo bus. The college has also added a Booster Juice (a well-known and loved smoothie vendor) in the Student Commons building, adding to the variety of foods/drinks available for students to purchase.

More money:

A student’s tuition covers a lot of things that they might need over the course of the academic year. A health plan is included in that. If any student wishes to opt out of the plan because they are already covered by a different health insurance then they can do so at before Oct. 2. The student will then receive the money back in full.

Be noticed:

Facebook for Algonquin is a familiar thing at the college. Seen at Algonquin 2014-2015 is a Facebook page that allows all students to ask anonymous questions to other students. Anything from a shout out to that special someone, to actual academic inquiries. If that doesn’t suit a student’s needs, another Algonquin Facebook group: Attending Algonquin College in Fall 2014-2015 – Frosh of 2014 opens an easy door for students to help each other and get to know students in and out of their programs. It is an easy solution for selling used books and trying to find roommates without much stress. For a simple way to contact class members, create a group on Facebook with all classmates included and send messages for all to see so all students are up to date on everything going on.


The Students’ Association (SA) has already been advertising future events coming to Algonquin this semester. Concerts, movie nights, comedy nights, dirty bingo and karaoke are just a few of the experiences this semester has to offer. Students can purchase tickets in the Student Commons or on the SA website. These events are a way to let loose and take a break from busy schedules and studying. Go out and have fun with friends or even by yourself.


Algonquin has students from all over the world attending classes. Their wide variety of hobbies and interests lead to many clubs to choose from, so students have the opportunity to take what they love and turn it into a club or join a club or community that interests them. Every new and approved club is eligible to receive $500 of funding per term. Students can visit the Algonquin College website to find out more.

Where to eat:

Algonquin has ensured that there is a variety of different foods distributed throughout the campus for easy access to all students. Be sure to check out the cafeteria in C-building for subs, sandwiches, pasta’s and burgers. The cafeteria offers salads and grab-and-go items to satisfy almost everyone’s appetite as well as puddings and cakes for sweet tooths. Visit small food residences such as Bits N’ Bites for small pick-me-ups for student friendly prices. Visit Savoir Faire, the inexpensive place to purchase food prepared solely by the culinary students. Tim Hortons is now almost a year old at the college and is open for students to get their fill of caffeine and food located just outside of the Fitness Centre.

“Tim Hortons was the first franchise on campus,” said Brownlee. “We spend a lot of time listening to what students want.”


Trying to get familiar with blackboard? Get the app that is available for free on smartphones and tablets. Staying in touch with everything going on at the college and in their programs is very important for students who want to stay in the loop as well as get instant notifications about assignments and news pertaining to their programs. There are many apps allowing for students to connect with their student emails and get an instant alert when something has been emailed.