A 28-year-old man is facing charges including arson endangering life after fire gutted a west Ottawa Wendy’s restaurant early Tuesday. During the incident, paramedics have treated four people for smoke inhalation at the scene and took an adult and a youth to hospital in stable condition. According to Ottawa police, the arsonist was an employee of the company. The man has been charged with arson endangering life, arson damaging property, and two counts of breaching release conditions.


The Boko Bakery on Elgin street will be closing its doors after 36 years. In a statement made on social media, it was stated that the bakery’s lease is up on November 30th and that the owner Yoko Sakiyama, wants to retire to spend more time with “Boko Grandpa”. The bakery will officially close on December 1st but the family says to stay tuned for future projects.



A Quebec judge has ordered Rogers Communications to pay 75,000$ in damages to a former employee named Joseph Nassr. According to him, the way in which he was arrested “stripped him of his dignity and caused him considerable harm”. Eight years ago, Nassr was detained with force by eight police officers in Montreal. Rogers allegedly thought that he was trying to sell a stolen Rogers cellphone on Kijiji.


Famed anti-poverty activist Harry Leslie Smith had dies at 95 years-old in Belleville, Ont. Smith lived through the Great Depression, fought in the British Air Force during WWII and has spent his life advocating for the poor. After a recent fall, Smith received an outpour of support from public figures such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mia Farrow and British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.



In an interview with ABC News, Ivanka Trump says that the “Lock Her Up!” statement, does not apply to her. In her defense, she stated that there is, “no restriction of using personal email.” According to her, she was advised to simply forward work-related government emails to her government account so they would be archived. According to the Washington Post, Trump sent out hundreds of emails about government business from a personal account, to White House aides, which is a violation of public records rules.


While hang-gliding, a Florida man was left dangling from a control bar and pilot’s leg after the pilot forgot to strap him in. Chris Gursky posted a GoPro video of himself in Switzerland detailing the incident on his YouTube account Monday. The glider hundreds of feet from the ground and travelled from the top of a mountain. Gursky fractured his right wrist upon landing.