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Saunders Farm owner calls assailants ‘incredibly cowardly’ after unprovoked attack on staff

Police are asking the public for help identifying the perpetrators of multiple assaults that occurred in the evening on Oct. 13 at the Munster House venue on Bleeks Road, which is part of Saunders Farm.

Eight employees were struck by unidentified men and women purportedly participating in a “car rally” stunt. Two of the victims suffered concussions. Security was notified shortly after the incidents, but failed to catch any of the attackers.

Police are still searching, and are asking anyone with information to step forward and contact them at 613-236-1222, ext. 2666.


An unidentified polio-like disease has been affecting children in recent weeks, reported CBC news on Oct. 22. The condition has so far been registered in over 60 cases in the U.S. and Toronto doctors have confirmed its presence in Canada.

The disease causes accute muscle weakness – to the point of inhibiting the sufferer’s ability to breathe in some cases – and while it has been diagnosed in a few adults, it targets children primarily. Doctors are not certain of the exact nature of the viral outbreak and cannot pinpoint a specific cause or origin point for it.


At 55 kilometres in length, China’s new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao is officially the world’s biggest bridge. Chinese president Xi Jinping declared the bridge open on Oct. 23, after nine years of construction.

The bridge’s stated goal is to facilitate transportation, trade and business between mainland China and the semi-autonomous territories of Hong Kong and Macau, providing a land connection for the nearly 70 million people who live in the area.



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