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Paraplegic Ottawa man sentenced in Highway 7 collision


(From CBC) A paraplegic Ottawa man who drunkenly slammed into a motorcyclist has been sentenced for the incident which left the biker with critical injuries.

Roy Radke, 37, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison after he pulled into oncoming traffic on Highway 7 while drunk on Sept. 1, 2017. His vehicle and Stephanie Albert’s motorcycle collided, sending her flying.

Albert was left with serious injuries including a shattered pelvis, a broken back and a severe concussion. She now lives with depression and PTSD while attending therapy and enduring pain.



(From Global News) New Brunswick was scheduled to host the 2021 Francophonie Games, but has had to back out due to the mounting costs of the event.

The cost of the Games, originally slated to be $17 million, skyrocketed to $130 million and was expected to rise until the Games began.

The Francophonie Games were planned for the summer of 2010 where it would bring in “3,000 athletes and artists from more than 50 member states that have French as a common language.”



(From CBC) Apple is cutting off Facebook from further maintaining a paid app that tracks their phone and web use.

It was found that the Facebook Research app, which cost users $20 a month to use, was a violation of Apple’s privacy policy. Though Facebook claimed it had the users’ permission to collect their data, Apple claims that their terms of permission were loose and obscure.

Researchers were upset that the app quietly stored “all incoming and outgoing data traffic from unwitting members of the public — in an app geared toward teenagers.”



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