According to the New York Times, as of Oct. 29, there are more illegal marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks shops in Vancouver. This is something the federal government wanted to avoid with the legalization on Oct. 17. The reason is that illegal dispensaries offer more variety than what the government is currently offering. British Columbia’s minister of public safety said that civic pressure and market forces are going to gradually reduce the illegal demand. There is only one legal government pot store in B.C. and it is almost four hours away from Vancouver.



Award-winning nurse Robin Morash talked about the improvement of cancer treatment in Ottawa. She managed The Ottawa Hospital’s Wellness Beyond Cancer program. Morash told the Ottawa Citizen that cancer patients live longer than before. Today, some patients living with cancer as a chronic disease and some others are even healed. On the weekend, she was honoured as oncology nurse of the year by the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology.



Mexicans say “no” to the Texcoco airport in a compromised referendum where only one percent of the population voted. President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he is going to respect the results.

The New International Airport of Mexico was approved by the current president Enrique Peña Nieto and has been under construction since 2015. During his presidential campaign, López Obrador insisted that the new airport is full of corruption and threatened to stop the construction when he became president. He takes office on Dec. 1 but his political party organized a referendum where they asked the people if they wanted the government to continue with the construction and abandon the actual Mexico City International Airport or improve the Mexico City International Airport and expand an air base in Santa Lucía (relatively far from Mexico City).

In the referendum, 70 per cent voted against continuing construction of the 2015 airport. The Mexican peso weakened two% against the American dollar.