Following the devastating tornado that left Ottawa powerless, citizens were being urged to stay home on Monday while cleanup and power restoration efforts continue around the city. Schools throughout Ottawa will be closed Monday and Ottawa’s general manager of emergency and protective services is asking that those who do leave their homes show “patience and courtesy” through the traffic and disruptions.



Teara Fraser is the first Indigenous woman to own an airline in Canada. The launch was announced Friday and by next March; Iskwew Air will begin flying out of Vancouver International Airport. The airline will also travel to hard-to-reach communities across Canada. Fraser, a Métis woman from Fort Chipewyan and pilot of 15 years, is starting off with one twin-engine plane but hopes to one day have a whole fleet of charter craft behind her.



Protests surrounding Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega have led to one fatality. Demonstrators clashed with police while calling for the release of others that were imprisoned during previous protests. Hundreds assembled carrying the Nicaraguan flag in the eastern part of the capital while the police prevented them entering the city center. Police deployed tear gas and fired rubber bullets while armed supporters of Ortega also fired at protestors. National police said in a statement that one person died in the “crossfire” between the two groups. At least 6 people have been injured with 300 in jail since protests began in April with more than 300 killed by police in those protests.