Algonquin English professor Michele Hall, the author of The Art of P.K. Irwin: observer, other, Gemini, introduced her new work to an appreciative audience in N-112 Feb. 15.

As Hall spoke to the crowd, she stated that she started writing the book after being contacted by Zailig Pollock, editor of the collective works of P.K. Page, in 2009. Hall hopes the book can spotlight P.K Irwin’s collective works like never before.

Hall was ultimately found through Google because of her other works on P.K Page such as the Digital Page, which is a digital archive of Page’s paintings from around the world.

“To be asked by a big name like that, in my field, was such an honour,” said Hall.

The crowd listened closely as Hall vividly described parts of P.K Page’s life-changing experiences in Brazil and Mexico that inspired her artistic and literary works. The meaning of the paintings were thoroughly compared to the literature, making comparisons in mood and style.

She analyzed artworks such as Dance on a projector screen, which Hall says is arguably her master work. She explained how P.K Page painted it after watching a Chinese opera in Mexico.

“I learned so much just working on it; it was fascinating,” added Hall.

The launch was set up by Hall and Larry Cavanagh, director of Connections, after the book was released on Nov. 29, 2016. A performance inspired by the artist-poet’s work put on by the performing arts students took place after Hall’s cozy book launch.

Complimentary coffee and snacks kept interested readers refreshed as they discussed their thoughts and opinions of the book with Hall. The vibrant slides stoked questions from the crowd such as ‘how big are the artworks?’

Michelle responded to every question with ease and interest, highlighting her love for P.K Page’s works of art.

After not even wanting to have a book launch initially, Hall is happy she had one and hopes the book will spotlight P.K Page’s works like never before.