~c_Vet Tech - Newton
First-year student Alexandra Geneau checks on Caramel. Once he is taken care of, he will be heading back to the SPCA at the end of the week, if he is not adopted here first.


Going to class and making a difference go hand in hand with the veterinary technician program, now in its seventh year of their partnership with the Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

With 800 hundred animals spayed, neutered and vaccinated, they continue to help find the animals homes, by providing an option to adopt from the V-building on campus.

“It was very organic, getting the animals ready. The students fell in love with working with them, so we talked with the shelter to get the paperwork and set up a plan,” said Emma Slater, an instructor for the program.

Alongside veterinarians, the students aid in surgeries four days a week as part of their course, preparing the animals for a healthy life once they find a new family. The animals seem to leave as much of an impact on the students, spending as much time with them outside of class.

The adoptions come from students as well. Theresa Reilly, a first-year student of the program has already adopted a cat during her time in the program.

“When we first get them, the cats are scared. It’s nice to build a relationship back up with them,” she said.

The students all share smiles in the halls knowing their class work is already changing lives, for the animals, and the families who will be adopting them.

“Knowing that the animals come from the SPCA makes it a lot better,” said Alexandra Geneau, a first year student. “I like that you get to work hands on with the animals.”

Already recommending the adoption to family members she will wait until after graduation to consider it.

“It’s the greatest feeling in the world, they aren’t doing great at first and you help fix that. You come in smiling knowing what we do,” said Theresa Reilly.