Jason Parent, second-year police foundations student, carves his pumpkin at the AC Hub's pumpkin carving event. Photo credit: Iliyana Shoushounova

Students had the opportunity to show off their Halloween spirit and imagination at the AC Hub’s free pumpkin carving event on Oct. 30.

Tables were packed as students carved in groups or went solo.

The event was hosted by Leanne Jarrett, acting event assistant for the AC Hub, and a graduate of the event management program at Algonquin.

“We put on free events like this for students all the time,” explained Jarrett. “We are doing free pumpkin carving today.”

The event ran from 12 to 2 p.m. and anyone could drop in and carve a pumpkin.

“People are at different stages of the pumpkins right now,” she explained. “We have carving tools provided and stencils but some people are drawing their own so it’s going pretty well so far.”

Jarrett explained that the AC Hub is always hosting different events and encouraged students to drop by and study or check their Facebook page for events.

“I found [the event] through the announcements on the wall,” explained Kave Amini first-year introduction to fine arts student.

Amini explained that every day he does a new drawing so the event hosted by the AC Hub was a good and unique opportunity to practice his skills in a different way.

“Everyone was really friendly and the atmosphere was really nice,” said Amini. “It’s a good way for everyone to participate [too].”

Second-year police foundations student, Jason Parent, explained that he wasn’t aware of the event but discovered it when he went to the hub to work on some assignments.

“[I was] asked to enlighten [the AC Hub] with a pumpkin and put a hole in its head,” said Parent. “I have two kids so I do this a lot so I figured by doing it freehand it might be a little quicker than trying to use a stencil.”

With everything supplied students continued to pour in even as the event was coming to an end.

“It’s a time where people who come from various different backgrounds can come together,” explained Parent. “You don’t have to belong to a clique or a club, you just have to be willing to be a bit silly, step outside your comfort zone and I think it’s great and we should have more of it.”