Tomas Kolafa and Sara Grainger
Tomas Kolafa and Sara Grainger
Tomas Kolafa and Sara Grainger

Students have elected Sara Grainger as their new president and Tomas Kolafa as the new vice-president of the Students’ Association.

The results were announced March 27 at The Observatory.

Kolafa’s win at the crowded Ob carried the most excitement, with the entire room screaming and shouting when he was announced as the new vice-president.

Kolafa won by 75 votes, his closest competitor was Elizabeth Montgomery.

“I feel surprised because the rest of the candidates were pretty strong. They’re smart, they’re sharp, it will be my pleasure to have them in the team next year,” said Kolafa.

The new president Grainger had 777 votes, more than double her competitor, Allie Grant.

“Well obviously it’s a little heartbreaking because I put my heart into it,” said Grant. “Somebody had to win and somebody had to lose, but we’re all going to work together in the end.”

After the results were announced, Grainger was excited and relieved that the tension between candidates was over so they could work together as friends and teammates.

“Now we can start talking to students, what we can do for them and what we can change for next year,” said Grainger.

The soon to be former SA president Christina Miller was glad that a new president and vice-president were chosen to serve the students. Her own experience in the role was a rewarding one.

“I am moving on, going to other things, but I’m always going to keep this experience and I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported me throughout the year,” said Miller. “I’m excited for them, I know they’re going to have a fantastic year and it’s going to be a very big learning curve as it was for us.”