Algonquin music industry arts students Anna Pavlova, Samantha Davian, and Matthew Kirby have their work cut out for them. They are volunteering with Megaphono Feb. 3 to Feb. 5 all over Ottawa.

The opportunity allows the students to gain some experience and connections within their field of study.

Megaphono is an Ottawa based music organization focused on providing local musicians and businesses opportunities to grow. This festival is the first that Megaphono has held independently.

“Volunteering for the Megaphono festival gives students the opportunity to engage in business and networking opportunities,” says Colin Mills, a music industry arts professor, who is also involved in the festival.

Mills presented this to his students back in November. He expects the experience to prepare his students for their final project with Canadian Music Week.

Matthew Kirby, second-year student in the MIA program has been on board since November and has done his best to help the production go as smoothly as possible.

Kirby worked mostly on the website, the artist biographies, and the volunteer form. During the festival he says he’s on stand-by in the midst of the scramble.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into putting one of these things together,” said Kirby. “Hopefully they just pull it off.”

Previously, Kirby had worked in his field in Asia. He says this experience is giving him a better sense of how to do business and network in North America.