Algonquin radio broadcasting student Mehdi Chaouni’s Facebook posting went viral after he was left waiting for over an hour at Baseline Station.

“I was waiting at Baseline Station eastbound to catch the 94 Millennium,” he posted on Jan. 10. “Standing in the cold for over an hour waiting for the bus to show up, I saw around 14 out-of-service buses passing by.

“The bus shelter started to unusually fill up. One by one, every few minutes, a long bus or a double-decker bus would pass by, only to see it out of service. There was not a single big bus passing by that was in service. Here’s the best part — these buses were leaving from their layover literally 100 meters away!”

Chaouni was appalled by the incident and along with the many others who experienced the same that day, OC Transpo heard the distress of their winter transit.

“There isn’t much that we can do to adapt to the winter months other than send more buses out, but then that doesn’t work when everyone’s driving slow,” an OC Transpo driver, who did not want to be identified, said.