Student Central, located on the first floor of DARE District. Photo credit: Perushka Gopalkista

Getting a course exempted may seem easy but just be prepared to wait. And wait.

At the beginning of a school semester, students are often given the chance to apply for an exemption, especially if they’ve already taken that same course.

For some students, this process of getting electives exempted may take one to two weeks or some in cases, close to a month.

If a student would want to get in contact to get an elective eliminated, they would either have to email or call the registrar’s office or apply through the ACSIS portal. Representatives at the registrar’s office often direct students to call or email.

The registrar’s office handles services such as tuition inquiries, course scheduling as well as student fees.

Samantha Renaud, who is a full-time office administration general student, recalls having a difficult time with getting an elective exempted, even when it was from the same program.

“The credit I had to exempt was from the same college,” Renaud said. “It took over a month to get it submitted and I still have to wait two to four weeks for an email reply.”

Renaud said that although she had submitted her application, she had not been notified that she had incorrectly submitted her application in the first place.

“I called back Jan. 7 and was told it wasn’t submitted properly and I had to re-apply for it again,”

Renaud had to email the exemptions team and was told it would take approximately two to three weeks for them to respond before she begins her term in February.

Electrical engineering student Chintan Patel says that the registrar’s office took about one week for him to receive an exemption.

Students who still have electives appear on their schedule are recommended to either talk or email the registrar’s office.

Either way, just be prepared for a long wait.