By: Alex Quevillon

Students at Algonquin were stunned on Sept. 11 as one of their own, a 20-year old student, collapsed in the gymnasium, requiring paramedics to perform CPR in order to keep him alive.

The male student was playing intramural basketball at the time of the incident.  He left on a stretcher with a gash opened up on his chin, leaving a trail of blood on the gym floor.

For about 20 minutes, the young man was treated on scene.  He only had a light pulse as he was loaded into an ambulance

School security whisked off onlookers from the area while the student clung to life, entering the Ottawa Civic Hospital under critical but stable condition.

François Lalonde, public information officer for the Ottawa Paramedic Service, confirmed his condition as they brought him into hospital, but was unable to provide any further comment.

The hospital won’t release information to the Algonquin Times at this point.  The Times is still unsure of the young man’s name.

Furthermore, the precise cause of this collapse is uncertain.

This isn’t the first time an incident like this has happened at Algonquin.

On the night of Nov. 7, 2012, less than a year before this incident, a 20-year old woman suffered a heart attack at the Woodroffe campus.

She was saved by paramedics who stabilized her with a defibrillator.