Christina Miller

Affordable parking, more information for new students, cleaner bathrooms and heating/cooling issues were listed by groups of students who participated in a five year plan process.

After consulting faculty and college leaders, Student Association president Christina Miller and Steve Dulmage from Build Green/ Windmill Developments Group turned to students on Feb. 2 for more perspective on improvements to be made at the campus.

Students brainstormed in groups at various tables. Each table was given a paper with the heading “5 year plan” and the categories: buildings, the campus, outdoor space, image, movement, digital, sustainability, indoor environments and other.

Students were asked to write out their ideas and then to determine their top three priorities.

“Look at resources,” said Dulmage, “And what can actually be achieved in five years.”

The campus consultation team is focused on sustainability in developing a five year plan, requested to do so by the Board of Governors.

Dulmage, a member of the team, explained that the Woodroffe area of the city has changed pretty quickly over the years, and will be changing even more so in eight to nine years when light rail transit is introduced. Dulmage explained that now is the time to correct mistakes that might have been made in the past.

Miller is currently working on developing a buddy system for the first-year students. The program would have a second-year made available to the first-year for any questions they may have. When asked for a show of hands as to if students thought this would be beneficial, many hands went up.

Student forums are now being held on “as-needed” basis and not a planned schedule.