By: Justin Humphries

The Algonquin SA has taken on the New Year’s resolution of completely re-branding their organization.

The idea of re-branding the SA was brought about so they can create a branded look and feel to Algonquin students. Some of the changes include: remaking the SA symbol and changing their colours to green and silver from blue and silver.

Annie Thomlinson, manager of marketing and communications of the SA, explained the thought process behind the upcoming changes.

“We’re hoping to get something that speaks to the students while saying something about our corporations and is recognizable,” Thomlinson said.

Their current symbol, which they have had for the last 25 years, is trying to showcase there is no separation between the association and Algonquin students through the use of combining the letters ‘S’ and ‘A’ into a single letter. The problem with this is that the

SA has realized that’s hard to show when the official colours are different from the school colours.

Thomlinson felt the symbol wasn’t specific enough.

“When people look at the SA logo, it doesn’t really tell them anything about us,” Thomlinson said. “We want to help show there is no separation.”

The change was decided on after a survey of 1,327 Algonquin students was conducted to see what they see in the SA. According to the survey, many students were not aware that the SA owns many services within the college and were funded individually from Algonquin.

Recently, the SA has realized that they should not imply this separation through their current branding. The original idea of the current symbol is to show that although there is no separation from the students and the association, the SA is separate from the college. The re-branding is expected to help change that image.

These changes mean the SA will have to repaint and replace all of the blue they have in Algonquin to the colour green along with changing the Algonquin Thunder jerseys. All of the repainting and rebranding is expected to be done by early fall.