The act Twenty One Pilots, which was set to perform at the Algonquin Commons Theatre before summer break, has been moved to TD Place due to high demand.

Live Nation, the promoters that often works with Algonquin to bring entertainment to the college, decided to give the act a bigger audience.

“Live Nation made the decision to move the event to a larger venue based on demand for the event,” said Kenneth MacLeod the manager for theatre operations and hospitality services at the college.

“This is very common practice for any concert or event which sells out quickly.”

When tickets became available Oct. 2, they sold out right away with heavy traffic online and long lines outside the box office.

The demand was so great that the college had its first issue with scalping.

Tickets were scalped in large quantities and put on third party websites for triple or more times the cost.

The opportunistic scalpers, plans might have been in vain by the venue change, as it opened up a lot more seats.

TD Place made thousands more tickets available for sale and started selling them for the same price as they were sold at the college at $29.50 and $34.50 a pop on Oct. 28.

“We have been told that floor tickets from the Theatre show will be exchanged for floor tickets for TD Place,” said MacLeod.

“And seated tickets for the Theatre show will be exchanged for seated tickets for TD Place.”

The Times reached out to TD Place but they would not comment on ticket sales or issues with scalping at their venue.