Avalon, a Paws for Stress dog, gives students a furry stress relief. The college may have its own campus dog this time next year.

Algonquin will be getting its very own full-time therapy dog.

Lisa Langton, the coordinator for the veterinary technician program, first suggested that the school look into getting a therapy dog similar to the one available at other post-secondary schools such as Carleton University’s dog, Blue.

“There is nothing like the company of a dog to take your cares away,” said Algonquin College president Cheryl Jensen in a past column for The Times. “With any luck, this will be a black lab puppy whose name might be Hobo.”

An AC Committee was formed to turn the idea into a project, and has met with Blue to gather further information on therapy dogs.

The process is still early in the making, so the details of the dog have not been announced yet. Although most would be more than happy with a cute black lab puppy named Hobo, the qualifications needed are a bit more than just the breed of dog.

“There are lots of considerations for our therapy dog,” said Ruth Dunley, communications officer and member of the committee in an email to the Times. “The most important characteristic will be the dog’s temperament and suitability for the job.”

As for where this companion will be staying in the college, it is likely that the therapy dog will work primarily in one of the areas of the college, mentioned Dunley. However, it will also get out to other areas and campuses as required.

The project was first announced on Bell Let’s Talk Day on Jan. 31 as an attempt to expand on the college’s popular Paws For Stress program currently in place, according to the myAC website.