For students like Noah Chaput, a first year in the powerline technician program, the college’s AC Day 1 activities were an enriching experience, where many connections were made, and enjoyed with a few laughs.

“I really enjoyed playing this,” Chaput said, fresh from playing the popular Bubble Soccer at the Sports Complex. “My favourite part was probably when I was bumping into the other players when going for the ball.”

With over 500 volunteers serving some 10,000 new arrivals, Algonquin was a busy hub for both new and returning students on Sept. 5.

AC Day 1 at Algonquin was programmed to introduce students to their professors and classmates, as well as let them participate in many fun activities.

In addition to various stands and stations that were both informative and fun, there were a few sporting activities tailored to anyone with a hunger for athletics.

At the gymnasium in A-building, there was a unique obstacle course set up by Neuron Upgrade and Training Station (NUTS), which opened its headquarters five months ago in Ottawa.

“It combines physical activity and interactive learning,” said Hi Nguyen, the owner of NUTS. “What we do here is get your heart rate elevated through a series of physical obstacles, and then you reach these knowledge stations, where in the students’ cases today, they answer questions about Algonquin College provided by the staff.”

The stations in the obstacle courses included a box jump, monkey bars and kicking a cowbell.

“It’s fun, and the students learn new things about Algonquin at the same time,” Nguyen continued.

NUTS has a headquarters located near the Canada Science and Technology Museum, where they have a 5,000-square-foot facility with a larger obstacle course which is open to the public.

Over at the Sports Complex, FOOBZ was hosting two games that have been available at past orientation events: Bubble Soccer and Archery Tag.

Bubble Soccer is similar to the regular sport, except all players wear protective bubbles, so there was a lot of tumbling and falling during the games. In Archery Tag, two teams would face off, trying to hit and eliminate the opposing side with a volley of arrows.

Both of these games were popular to new and returning students alike and received positive reactions all around.

Other events students could look forward to during the week included Dirty Bingo on Sept. 6, as well as the Buskerfest and Vendor Fair, held on Sept. 7.