By: Kane Van Ee

The Algonquin College Culinary program owned and operated Savoir Fare opened its new location Sept. 10 in the new Student Commons building across from the campus book store.

“The students will be more involved I think now that we’re a store,” said Maryanne Murphy an attendant for the store front.

Savoir Fare sells food that is produced by the culinary program from baking goods such as, apple pies or cinnamon tea biscuits to pre-portioned meals and soups. Last week, ready-made take home meals and soups produced by the culinary program hit the shelves and will continue to until the end of the school year.

The food is nice fresh quality ingredients with no additives; it’s all the food that is produced in all our different classes,” said Chef Scott Warrick. “Basically the deal is the price and the quality you. Can go to a take-out food shop around town and you’ll look to be spending $13 to $15 for the same meal we put out for $3.75.”

The culinary program supports local farms by trying to get as many local ingredients as possible through their suppliers who also provide premium ingredients such as grade A beef in the dishes sold. In addition they also work with Savour Ottawa, a group that supports local and organic foods.

Most days they will also include vegetarian options.

Every menu item that is found at Restaurant International are made the same day and sent over to Savoir Fare to be sold.

“You can get lamb shanks for like $6 and get some of our soups our desserts,” said Cathy Dewar of Restaurant International.

They also have full sized cakes that can go for around eight dollars that you would normally find at a grocery store from $16 to $20.

David Keindal, the culinary program co-ordinator has also hinted at the possibility of demonstrations that will be held there for students not affiliated with the culinary program for example around Valentine’s Day, students could go to Savoir Fare and make their own chocolate dipped strawberries.

“I think they are going to see how things are going to flow here. I don’t think anything is engraved in stone at this point, some of things that are going to take place are going to be trial and error,” said Murphy.

Students that are on a meal plan should be aware that Savoir Fare is not applicable to their meal plan dollars.