The Students’ Association’s Board of Directors has seen a healthy response of people looking to take up the position for the next year.

Forty applications have been received by the Board of Directors by people looking to fill one of the nine positions available on the board in the coming year.

The Board of Directors govern the Students’ Association, and make the key decisions that affect the students and the SA’s membership.

We advocate for (the students), bring their feedback to our board meetings,” said SA director Rami Farhat. “Another part of it is just being that leadership figure.”

There are requirements an applicant has to fulfill to become a director. They have to be over 18 years old, maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, and acquire 50 signatures.

Being a director will also allow one to later become the president or vice president of the SA. The president and vice president are the signing officers and the president in particular speaks on behalf of the SA’s Board of Directors.

Adam Robillard is among the hopefuls for the position of director. He is enrolled in design studies, a one-year program at the college, but he hopes to advance into graphic design. He has succeeded in getting the 50 necessary signatures for his application by the Jan. 15 deadline, and is steadily maintaining high grades.

One of the big reasons I want to do it is I used to go to the University of Ottawa, but when I was there, I never really got into my studies that much,” said Robillard. “I want to become a director to help to continue making it welcoming for students, and a good and positive environment.”

I think it’s pretty incredible that we have so many people interested,” said SA president Sara Grainger. “It just goes to show just how much the SA. has not necessarily grown, but how many more people are aware of what we do and want to get involved.”

Once selected, SA directors will be sworn in at the Board of Directors’ general annual meeting and will begin their term on May 1.