Nine new members of the SA Board of Directors were elected at its annual and special general meeting March 9.

The new members for the 2017-2018 term include Samuel Decker, computer programmer; Sarah Harder, bachelor of science in nursing, Pembroke campus; Himalay Kekani, computer system technician; Luke Krolak, business administration – accounting; Brett Parnell, travel and tourism; Nikita Persaud, business administration; Caitlin Singfield, carpentry and joinery – heritage, Perth campus; Matthew Tirrell, advertising and marketing and Victoria Ventura, business administration.

“One of the biggest challenges we have at Perth campus is to build up the number of students enrolled in programs,” said Singfield. “Because we are such a small campus our focus is to get people to know we are there.”

The meeting was headed by Egor Evseev, president of the SA and the primary electoral officer, Lev Kozhevnikov.

Evseev welcomed all the members of the association and presented the meeting’s agenda while Kozhevnikov was in charge of presenting the nine elected candidates and emphasized the qualities of each of them.

“The first challenge that the candidates will be facing is adaptation. They have to be very flexible at the beginning of their term, however, we are doing our diligences in bringing the new board together,” said Kozhevnikov in an interview with the Times.

After the presentation of the elected members of the board, Evseev introduced and submitted for approval the SA audited financial statement for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. The financial statements were unanimously approved.

Evseev thanked all the people who were part of the SA during his mandate and wished the best of luck to the new board members.

The next step for the new Board of Directors is to appoint a president and vice-president. In the case that more than one person would like to run for the same positions, the election would go through a student’s vote.

The Times will profile each of the new board members for the next edition on March 30.