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Ian Skoczylas is the creative services coordinator for the Students’ Association. As a student, he never dreamed he would have a career at Algonquin

As a student, Ian Skoczylas would stare out at the Student Commons building that was being built. He never imagined that he would work in that very building.

Algonquin students all hope to join the work force in their chosen field, but sometimes that brings them back to the college.

Skoczylas works as the creative services coordinator for the Students’ Association. He started at Algonquin right out of high school, attending the business program. He then moved on to pre-graphic design, finally ending up in the three-year graphic design program.

It was at his placement for the program where he was offered his first job.

“It wasn’t a great experience, but at the same time it was,” said Skoczylas. “Basically for a month or so I went and experienced a bad client every day of the week. It wasn’t enjoyable, but when I left there I took away so much. I chalk it up to a good experience in the end.”

Upon leaving his first job, he noticed an opening in Algonquin’s Students’ Association as a graphic designer and applied. He did that job for two years before being promoted to his current position.

On his first day Skoczylas wasn’t as nervous as he expected to be.

“I was actually very excited,” said Skoczylas. “You know first day jitters? You’re nervous about things. But I was very comfortable. Everybody is so great here, so it was really easy to transition.

Skoczylas loves the atmosphere of the college. He said in the private sector he would sit at his desk all day, but Algonquin has things happening all the time, making it a great place to work.

Julie Eaves, a manager of product research and marketing at Algonquin, feels the same way.

“Working for Algonquin is great,” said Eaves. “They’re a great employer. It’s nice to work for a big, sound organization. You’re really part of a greater community.”

Eaves took two programs at Algonquin. She was in hotel management and advertising. She then worked in Vancouver at a branding agency as part of her placement and was hired once the placement was over. She relocated to Ottawa where she found employment with the college.