Students living in residence have much to look forward to this winter with events hosted by Residence Life to keep students active and engaged in the residence community.

Residence Life members have planned events that appeal to a wide range of audiences running throughout the winter semester.

The activities are a part of Residence Council’s goal to keep students informed and entertained throughout their winter semester in residence.

Consent Fest, organized by Residence Life running Jan. 30 to Feb. 3, will serve as an educational program for residence students on sexual consent through workshops, presentations and guest speakers.

“We aim to focus on four areas with our events: consent education, substance and harm reduction, mental health and stress relief,” says Brandon Jodoin, a community advisor for Residence.

Residence Council will be taking interested residence members to Sky Zone trampoline park on Jan. 28, with many students in residence showing interest.

Potential coffee house events are being organized for February as well for artistic individuals.

The event will be hosted inside residence. Interested students will have a chance to showcase their talents and meet other artists living on campus, said Jodoin.

With Winterlude approaching, Residence Council plans to provide free transportation to the opening day of the popular winter festival on Feb. 3.

A League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering tournament is in the works as well for gaming enthusiasts.

If students are have any questions regarding the activities planned for this semester they can contact their residence advisors or check out the posters around residence.

Students are encouraged to take part in the activities on residence and take advantage of the resources offered to make the time living on-campus more enjoyable.

“We like to have good attendance. In the end, if we have a few students who come out and have a really good time—that’s what counts,” said Jodoin.