Algonquin hosted its Paws4Stress event March 16 with a St.Patrick’s Day twist.

The dogs were dolled up in green bows for a festive treat, and the room was set up with each animal surrounded by chairs, with students sitting and taking turns interacting with the dogs.

There was also a big photo background set up where students could take St. Patrick’s day-themed pictures with the dogs. The SA also provided green clover props to use as well.

Paws4Stress offers students with the chance to de-stress by petting and cuddling dogs. They are provided by the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy group.

Most of the dogs have permanent places at retirement homes, and they also attend trade fairs often. All the dogs go through extensive training to be gentle and well behaved in all scenarios.

The process for organizing these events starts before each term. Cuddy organizes potential dates with St. Johns Ambulance therapy group for the dogs and the SA for renting the room for the event to take place in.

“We feel it’s a great opportunity for the students to take a break from their stressful academic responsibilities and just pet some dogs,” Cuddy said.

“This is my first time coming to Paws4Stress. Seeing and petting the dogs is definitely helping with my stress,” Emily Hebert said, she is an early childhood education program student.

Paws4Stress originated about four years ago. “We saw about three other colleges doing the event and we decided to join in. It has definitely been rewarding,” Cuddy said.