Though it was officially launched by the SA Nov. 23, the Pride Centre has been open for one semester– and it’s safe to say that it’s thriving.

The coordinator of the centre Quinn Blue, was “excited” for the opening of the Pride Centre from the very beginning.

“The students have said it’s so important to them,” Blue said. “It’s a safe space for them to be themselves.

“The centre is also a place for students to meet people who identify with them. They get the chance to make good friends.”

The centre offers events including movie nights, speed friending and a poly discussion night.

While the Pride Centre doesn’t offer therapy, it does promote pier counselling and open listening. Blue is always ready to listen to anyone’s problems and help any way he can.

The centre is looking to add upcoming events. This semester they are trying rainbow lunches, which happen every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Participants bring their lunches and do activities together.

As for the future, the centre is gearing up for pride week which happens March 6-10.

The centre itself is located in B-building in room B102, though there is a colourful banner arrow that points in the direction of the centre once you enter B-building.