By Natasha Kellar

Algonquin College has sought the help of the Independent Print Management Group, a Canadian consulting firm, to help give campus printing services an overhaul.

The process is still in the research stage but so far IPMG has surveyed and inventoried all scanners, copiers, fax machines and printers on campus.

Some of the goals of the proposed strategy are to enhance  the  staff  and  student experience in  relation to printing and  copying, reducing costs  and  increasing  productivity  by  replacing   several single function devices with multi-functional devices across campus.

“There are a few phases to the project, but ideally we would  like  to have the majority of the implementation done by September” said Brent Brownlee Acting Director of Ancillary Services at Algonquin. “We don’t expect everything to change over-night.

“The process that has just been  communicated is the first  step, we’ve  got  to  talk to  our  staff  then  the  next step  is  to  work  with  the  ITS department  and  make sure  we  evolve  to  deliver the services to students. “

This strategy will impact students by making printing across campus an easier and more efficient and secure task. Hoping to introduce a system that may involve students scanning their student cards, or inputting their student numbers to receive their prints from printers connected via a cloud network system. According  to  Brownlee “It’s sort  of  an  evolution  of  a  next step  of  printing  services for students and staff.”