Civilian member of the Ottawa Police Service, Joe Berardelli and police foundations teacher Constable Joseph Ieradi help raise money. No one was safe from pie.

By Patrick Longchamps

The police foundations students have been raising money for a trust fund for the son in the memory of his father, a fellow officer killed in a car accident on Nov. 17.

Pie Your Teacher was one of the fundraisers that program put on Feb. 28 in the P-building that generated over $1,530 for the Constable Mike Robillard trust fund. The students bought tickets in order to have a chance to throw whipped cream pies at their teachers.

“The reason it is so important to both myself and the students of police foundations to raise money for the Const. Mike Robillard trust fund is because policing is a community. Here is an officer who was driving to work where he would serve his community and due to a tragic set of circumstances was killed in a fatal collision.” Said Gerrard.

Robillard is the officer that was in a collision with a van on 8th Line Rd. in November leaving behind a child and wife. Two officers who knew Robillard were among the crowd of students watching the teacher getting pied.

“The students were moved by his story and wanted to help. I would like to think if it were to happen to one of our students others would do the same thing. I am very proud of what the students have accomplished.  I love the fact that it all started with a conversation during a lecture that leads them into action,” said Gerrard.

The teacher and student made jokes at the others expense to instigate each other while waiting for their chance to throw a pie. Some teachers spent more time on the front lines, including Lisa Gerrard police foundations professor who organized the event.