By Justin Humphries


As the sun sets on the Cuban coastline, James Lipsett sits quietly but contently by himself knowing he’s on a well-earned vacation.

Or at least that’s what he dreams about.

Lipsett, a first-year professional writing student, has been planning this trip to Cuba since the beginning of the semester. He plans to really start campaigning for others to come with him one the second semester begins.

“It will be cheaper for everyone if more people come on the trip,” said Lipsett. “I’ve travelled around a little bit myself, but this will be the first time where I really feel like I’m going on a vacation.”

Although Lipsett plans to travel to Cuba this summer, he also has other plans to put his passion for travel to the test. A culinary graduate from George Brown, he plans to travel to Thailand and engross himself in food culture.

“I want to start writing about food and experiencing different foods from around the world,” said Lipsett. “Thai food is by far my favourite, so when I start my blog, I want to be in the best place to get Thai food in the world. Living in Thailand is my dream and my passion.”

According to, the advantages of student travel packages are numerous. Not only will it overall be much cheaper for you to go to your destination of choice, but you will be able to meet other students from around Canada or even the world.

“Travel is good for the mind, body and soul,” said Lipsett. “Maybe some people have different dreams, but for me, getting away from where I am now is everything to me. Experiencing what it will be like in a different country, even if it’s just for a little bit, will be a life changing experience and a good get away from the stress of everything.

Lipsett has decided to go with a company called Breakaway Tours, but suggests to find whatever best suits your interests.

“Try not to get stuck with a certain agency,” said Lipsett. “If you can find one that best suits your interests, since some will just offer only certain countries or have set prices. What people need to remember is the point of going with these student travel packaging programs is to benefit the students.”