International students study as a group.

Algonquin has seen a 39 per cent increase in enrolment from students outside of Canada over the past year.

Students from all over the world take interest in the college for its diversity and variety of available programs. While some students seek housing in the downtown Ottawa area, others prefer to stay in residence.

According to the college’s Public Relations and Communications Department, 110 students who live in residence have confirmed that they are from abroad or from the United States. Over 2,100 students have enrolled from more than 100 countries.

Recent overseas applications have come from countries such as India, China, South Africa, Tanzania, Montenegro and Yemen.

Shikha Rajput is from India and has been attending Algonquin since September 2018. After finding out that the journalism program wasn’t for her, she switched to culinary arts.

“My new friends from Canada make sure that I’m not homesick and my professors support me.There are a lot programs to choose from. I feel like I made the right choice to come to school here,” said Rajput.