While most first-year students have entered their second semester at Algonquin, some got their first taste of college life on Jan. 9 when they attended AC Day 1.

The orientation had lots to offer the new arrivals to the college, including campus tours, information sessions, as well as some fun games like Archery Tag and Bubble Soccer.

Mary Ellis, the coordinator for the Concept Art Foundation program, led one of the many tours across the campus. In the tour, she showed the students some of the classrooms and labs they would be occupying for the remainder of their studies.

“My students appeared to enjoy the tour around the campus,” Ellis stated. “I believe they will really benefit from starting on a strong foot.”

Down in the Student Commons, there were many volunteers promoting the services of both the AC Hub and the SA. Laura Kelly, a volunteer promoting the AC Hub, talked about providing different opportunities for students to enhance their college experience, and some of the benefits of attending Algonquin.

“The space upstairs is free for students to come hang out,” Kelly said. “There is always music playing, and has a café feeling.”

In addition to the informative nature of the orientation, there were board games on the second floor of the Commons, and in the gym, Pierre-Luc Lahaie and Simon Hamelin were heading Archery Tag.

“I hope that these games will get newer students interested in sports here at the college,” Lahaie said.

Students who were getting hungry after hours on their feet did not need to travel far to satisfy their appetite. The Observatory was open for business during the orientation, with a variety of dishes for new students to try.

Karissa Brazier was outside the Observatory handing out free samples of food served at the campus location. The samples ranged from chicken wings to poutine.

“I think it’s great for new students to come here and sample some of our food,” Brazier said. “All the food at the Observatory can be bought at a reasonable price, so students can’t lose.”

Overall, the winter orientation was booming with new students and a great charismatic energy, with smiles all across the board.